Spring Curving Contest



Calling all Creative Curvers in-game!

In celebration of the Spring season, we want to see all of your creative drawings using your curving skill!
In this contest, you will be tasked with curving your way to the top. Create what do you think spring is about.
For this contest there were only be six winners - The top five voted by the community and one staff pick.

:white_check_mark: REQUIREMENTS:

  • Agrees with the Discord Terms and Service and our own Community Guidelines!
  • Static Image (not animated)
  • The size of your screenshot does not matter - (however, the bigger the better quality)
  • Only submissions sent to Robt44 (yours truly) will enter the contest.

:straight_ruler: RULES:

  • You can send in MAX 5 entries! (quality over quantity)
  • If you share your submission publicly you will be disqualified without notice.
  • Original creations only.
  • No photograph editing - based only on curving techniques.

:mailbox_with_mail: HOW TO SUBMIT:

  • Send me a private message on Discord (@LightSword#9999) or Forum (@Robt44)


  • April 30th, 6:00 P.M. CEST submissions become closed!
  • May 3rd, 6:00 P.M. CEST voting closes!

:gem: REWARDS:

  • 1st - 400 Gems and Contest Winner Badge
  • 2nd - 300 Gems
  • 3rd - 200 Gems
  • 4th-5th - 100 Gems
  • Staff Pick - 100 Gems

If you would like to submit a video of how you did your artistic drawing(s) they will be shown at the end of the contest.

Ideas for extra inspiration that fit within the spring time theme:

  • Eggs :egg:
  • Flowers :sunflower:
  • Sun :sun_with_face:
  • Bunnies :rabbit:
  • Trees :evergreen_tree:
  • Bees :honeybee:
  • Butterflies :butterfly:

Any questions or concerns shoot me a private message!

Good luck and happy curving!

Example by Mr. @big_aur himself


Looking forward to my submissions, thanks so much for hosting this! Good luck everyone!


NOOOOO. WHYYYYYYY. I have to do this on mobileeee nooooooooooo

pinned globally #4


Wait so we drawl with the ship thing




Yeah we draw with the curves!
Good luck everyone :four_leaf_clover:


Bro when you spend and hour doing one submission


I tried drawing a flower 20 times, I made a screenshot of every one, just to realise that the 1st was the best


I have a request could you add one or two days to the submission end date?


You will be able to submit late but the dates will not be changed. You will lose X amount of days in voting time for your submission.


ok understand!


Three more days to get your work in! :alarm_clock:
We have received 29 entries!
Hurry and send in your submissions before it’s too late!


Bro I got three in <3


total of 7 hours of work :frowning:


@Robt44 have you gotten my submissions thru the forum?




Voting started yesterday on our discord server. Make sure your vote counts!


Here’s a sneak peek of what you will see when you get there!
Questions or concerns shoot me a private message.


Still no epilepsy warning :grimacing: