Spring Contest Winners!



It’s that time again…

Our spring contest has finally concluded and it is time to announce our winners!

There were many great drawings that the staff could not decide between them, so it’s your lucky day - There are three staff picks!

Congratulations to our winners!

:gem: WINNERS: :gem:

@Rynx - 1st - 400 gems - Contest Winner Badge (in-game)
@Rynx - 2nd - 300 gems
@Dripsies - 3rd - 200 gems
@Dripsies - 4th - 100 gems
@Maya - 5th - 100 gems

:trigon: STAFF PICKS: :tetragon:

@RealRoxie - 100 gems
@HHHHHHHH - 100 gems
@Line - 100 gems

You should receive your rewards within two weeks.



Wonderful! good job winners!


There were some sick drawings! The birds were on fire :fire: for real!!! Congrats to all!


Thanks for making this contest! :smiley: I agree, there were some amazing drawings, tbh we’d need like 10 winners, not just 5 :joy:


GJ everyone, all of those entries were rly nice :smiley:


GGs congrats to Rynx winning 700 gems :open_mouth: :eyes: When my dad saw the competition he told me “you have no chance some of those are soo good” He was talking about Drip’s and Akssse’s!


can we get a poggers for whoever made that video. also to everyone who participated


Hey @Robt44 can you show us what drawings each player made to win the prize and spot they got?


Never mind I didn’t watch the YT video, now I see who won with what


If I showed some in game art to my parents, they would forgive for saying the game was Shit