Spreading the Curve Fever!



Hello there! :wave:

Wanted to let you all know that our game has been added on a bunch of awesome game portals. We are really proud and grateful, and we wanted to share with you where else you can find and play Curve Fever Pro.
And, if you are so inclined, we’d appreciate if you gave Curve Fever Pro a rating so that more people can discover our game and hopefully become a part of our community!




Thank you all for your help and support!

Much love! :heart:

The HMG Team


Hey Devs!
Really saying here, i think that you should create a client for cfp and add it to the discord game store like zombsroyale.io
Just a suggestion!


I think I had a quick look regarding Discord Store but for now it seemed that they only contact devs themselves and do not receive any application. We might try contacting them though, but for now we’re focused on improving the game :slight_smile:


and www.pacogames.com/игры-мультиплеер/curve-fever-pro


Spreading the Curve Fever? More like, “Spreading the Curve Rumor”. :crazy_face:
(See what I did there?)


If this game was put on a google website then my entire school would be playing it, the school just blocked the curvefever website so noone could play, but they cant block google sites for some reason


same with my school lol


i dont understand why kids still rely on school wifi. Is making a hotspot that hard?


its just that we are using school devices and there is restrictions


meow im pretty sure our chromebooks dont connect to anything else, and also if it can, nobody wants to be caught.


as in not me but like no chirren


Hotspots are too slow for gaming usually