Spoiling movies


I saw a guy spoiling Endgame on curve oof what should we do?! EWSPOILERS


Permaban i guess @moderator :joy:


Hello @ArmenianAv3t1s62

Just like you I hate people spoiling movies you haven’t seen :c It is ruining the fun of watching a cool movie. Though, we do not have any rules in place to take action against this.

I often ask people to stop spoiling as it isn’t fun but we can not really ‘forbid’ it. :roll_eyes:

I’d love to permban them though :smirk:


Blur the picture dude

if you cant lol thats sad


How do you blur?




a mod actually banned some people who spoiled endgame lmao


Wait no way :laughing:




no the mods just thanos snapped them