Spending money on cf pro


Hello! I just wanted to give some feedback on my experience of buying something in cf pro. I did it twice.

  1. For the first time I bought gems to upgrade my modules (the update when it was possible). I converted gems to gold, but in several days after that you announced that all modules were going to become equal and that gold just disappear and I can’t convert it. So I actually wasted my money.
  2. I bought gems and converted it to energy. I spent some, but still have 86 left. You announced that energy converts into nothing. I would like to spend it till Wednesday but I’m travelling. So I just have bad wi-fi and spending it would not really give me any pleasure. So again I just wasted my money :slight_smile:
    Don’t get me wrong, I really appreciate the upcoming update. And since I play this game about a year I can consider my wasted money to be a donation to the game I like. But at the same time I don’t want to spend money on this game anymore even though I can.
    It would be easy not to make me think so by just converting gold or energies into something. And it would seem to be fair since I actually paid for it. So I’m just curious what was behind your decision not to do it? Because I’m sure that makes other people worry about spending money on this game too.


I agree, I have also spent money on this game because I want to support a game I enjoy playing and I enjoy the added functionality as a bonus but its been interesting trying to decide how I spend my bought gems. I’ve personally always checked either with devs via discord or generally on forums how long different features will last for before I spend gems on them.

Saying that, I do agree that there is always a feeling of “damn I wish I didn’t spend my gems on those coins” due to the many updates to the spending systems. For example, buying researchers before they updated the level system so I ended up having already unlocked all the different ships. Also the amount of time and money I spent on levelling up powers has now gone to nothing.

Believe me I’m really happy with the overall direction this game is going in, and I understand that devs in general can’t afford to gift back some gems worth of energy/coins/power (or module) levels, as its the more invested players who are most likely to spend money, but still, having to buy things like the battle pass despite the amount I’ve spent on old features which have all disappeared with nothing to replace them does feel a bit like I’m being extorted. I’m always willing to spend money on things which are permanent, but when permanent things stop being permanent and just disappear its a bit trolly.

Love the update generally, but it kinda hurts on a personal level.


Totally agree with both of you!

Helping out a game you like is good and I have done it as well, but it is really annoying that stuff you paid for just vanishes into nirvana :confused:

But I am happy with the directions this game is moving towards.

Lately most of the updates were cosmetics. At least from an outside perspective that is. Gameplay or modes didnt change. I’d love to see something towards that direction as well.