I’m just wondering if there’s any way to listen to the official soundtrack of Curve Fever Pro. If you could provide the community with it, that’d be amazing!


I found this playlist which seems to have some parts of the soundtrack. :slight_smile:


Hello @Property

Thank you for being so enthousiast about our in-game audio! As Cozmo posted, someone uploaded the tracks to YouTube. Sadly enough the songs are not permitted to be posted on YouTube. I guess for aslong as they are online you can listen to them but they shouldn’t get on YouTube.

Guess you’ll have to play the game even more to listen to the tracks? :wink:


I was thinking about listening to it generally, and i kinda don’t wanna turn off my SFX in an un-ranked room by myself to listen to it.


Maybe i should get the client and load them into an audio player lol
Would that be possible though?

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