Something is WRONG on my screen!



Hi everyone!
Sorry to bother you but something is on my screen that does not belong there.
(picture is at END of post)
I NEED help to get it off my screen.
(I am on my chromebook)
The thing is at the bottom right corner of my screen.


what is it


i don’t know


idk either problem solved theres nothin wrong


IDK :sweat_smile:


bc ur using a skool krome buk


I don see non


Are you talking about the blue and white play button? I have no idea what it is, but it doesn’t seem to annoying


believe me it is
I can’t click the rematch button


odd happenings


Idk, restart your computer I guess


@Strawberry It worked thank you!


You didn’t try it? -______-


it work after the restart.
Now it does not :sob:


It came back?


yep :sob: