Something I really don't like



So, I have all the powers unlocked. Just dragging one to to the actual slots to play with it is so laggy. The rest of the game works fine, performance-wise.

Why does this lag? Kindly look into it.



I don’t get it


the dragging of a module into a slot is not 100% smooth. I think thats what he means.

I thought about that too, but i couldn’t think of a better method, like clicking on it would work, but then you couldn’t decide if you want the module for up or for the down arrow.


The first time I played this update, dragging the modules was super laggy; like maybe 2 fps. After I played one match though, it cleared up and is perfectly smooth again.


SAME… that part is so laggy…
AND ALSO when the score is being updated after the round, curving gets very laggy (FPS ~20) …

Both of these problems exist on my 2016 macbook pro (13 inch) but not in my 2015 macbook air… LOL… probablly something to do with high resolution but almost equal GPU of the pro one.


My experience is once u are holding a module with your mouse, the faster you move your mouse with it the more choppy it gets.


I’d agree. Hopefully the devs see this.


Resolved :star_struck::kissing_heart::kissing_heart: