Something cool(devs/moderators plz respond)



“You take Fortnite as an example and I think they do an amazing job indeed to make the game varying.
Difference is that they have a bunch of people working on the game and they can easily do this kind of thing.
If we were to do the same we would not really be able to do anything else anymore.
The big difference is also that Fortnite is already really successful and the core of that game is solid.
Even though it would be amazing we first just have to keep on improving the game and adding more awesome features like for example friends, teams, leaderboards etc.
Something like missions would probably also be great to make the game a bit more varying by adding some new challenges etc.” - Rojoss

To get the full context, go to New way of playing Curve Fever. It’s a really great discussion about the update.

So, I’ve never really played Fortnite. I’ve heard about it and Googled it up recently when Line mentioned it. It’s really very popular.

I’m going to go off the tangent of “missions,” which Rojoss mentions. Adding in a story then putting in story quests may not be the best, as it won’t be very social and competitive. (Plus how do you even make a story for this kind of game?)

Therefore, quests could be implemented. They would be a great idea for new players. For example, your first quest could be to attain 3 survival points in any one round.

One idea is that at any given time, you have 3 total quests. You can choose to complete any one, or several. For every quest you complete, it’s replaced with another one.

Quests could also encourage more diversity in modules used, especially ones like “get over 100 points in a game with trigger bomb,” suggested to me by Line.

Other things, like “Get two people with time bomb and get two other people with a turret in the same game” could be nice. IDK, there are a lot of ideas out there for this sort of stuff.

Quests should be associated with rewards, so that they have value.

Another thing that could make the game more social is badges. For example, doing certain quests can earn you certain badges.

I’m not too sure about the far-reaching repercussions of this idea, but I hope you consider it.




Quest would be cool <3 about the rewards, well i think gems or energy would be cool and badges is still kinda difficult cause where would you see then?

Probably some sort of an icon instead of the plain letter you have atm :joy: i want a unicorn :joy: LOL


really? wow. You must be living under a rock. jk :stuck_out_tongue:

u should really try it. I used to hate it but after about a couple dozen games i got addicted and now i have 50+ solo wins and around 30 squad wins.


Teach me :joy: #zeroWins


lol u love this emoji :stuck_out_tongue:


Hmmm yeah badges would be difficult to see. Small icons that you see if you click on another person’s profile? Which then you can friend? Players have been asking for friendlists for a very long time.


Hmmm I don’t think my parents would allow me to do fortnite for too long. I have homework :stuck_out_tongue: