Some stuff after the ads update



so yes here is my annual complaints list! yay!!

(its a joke for u people who dont take sarcasm)

ok first of all if youre playing in a room with pickups after the ad is done there is a ton of pickups there not just the 2 that spawn…

also i set my preferred server to us and i still get put into eu and lose rank like heck because of lags

when the ad is finished the players can play flappy curve and go through those small gaps like a practice round

sometimes it shows that ur friend is online and when you click on the chat button it shows them offline

find a new way to get gems, like daily challenges or something because the ad to gem ratio is off. like i get 10 gems in a looong time (3/4 weeks) and spending that much time to skip a 20 second ad is crady so if there were more ways to get gems it would be much more sensible

also for crates they should be able to be opened all at the same time and openable if they are ready after a match is done

like once the match is done say i get 1st place and i have a crate thats ready i can open it and get my gold crate without haveing to exit and play another match

thats all and i hope you guys all have a wonderful week!


I remember one time I was playing in a custom room alone and I got a 6-second ad and it said that other people are watching their ad. Does this mean that we don’t even have to watch the ad to just play the match?


hmm… wdym @DefaultBoi???