Some new ideas for updates


  1. Add way to appear offline in friends list.
  2. add a way to distinguish people with the same username in friends list (I know there is already a topic on this)
  3. remove people from the friends search bar if they have been inactive for a long time( i might be wrong but still)
  4. a way to block people from chatting for an hour if their chat has multiple curse words in it. for example

nobody: hi
nobody2: **** you ***** u ************

and then the player with some words of profanity would get chat banned for an hour or so

and include spacings in the filter too. it is much needed.

  1. add a way to not lose rank if you leave the game for lag purposes

i know this might be a lot to ask but it would definitely make the curve environment much cleaner

  1. Would be cool but I guess far away, and I don’t really see why you would want to be invisible for your friends :joy:
  2. Yep def needed.
  3. You could just remove then yourself by rightclicking if you haven’t seen them for a while… I wouldn’t want to remove a friend just cause he isn’t playing that often.
  4. You can mute them by rightclicking then at least you don’t see them anymore. Otherwise report them and mods will deal with it.
  5. Never gonna happen because it would be abused imo :joy: i would just leave if i see i have a bad game :joy: and since I always lag i am never gonna lose rank


for 2 i mean when u search a friend and like 10 of the same username pop up

the inactive ones should disappear


I don’t want the inactive ones to disappear, if they come back they are like wtf where are all my friends now? :joy:

  1. Ye ofc but first they need to solve the general issue with having unique or not usernames.


I assume he’s talking about the search results when you want to add new friends.
To only show active players if there are a lot of results.
We had this at the initial release but removed it quickly because there were some performance issues.
Might add it back though but we’re currently working on other stuff.


Maybe add a solo mode??


Different maps obsticles and maybe bots (Just in case your lonely!)