Some new fever ideas and random changes I made up


new ideas:

Siphon shot: Shoot a projectile that when you hit an enemy, will form a “link” between you and them. As long as the link is connected, the user will be slowed and will drain points from their target. The link is broken when the target moves out of an indicated range shown when the shot connects (im thinking like the radius of the time bomb for the range or a bit bigger)
Ticks every half second
Cooldown: 3s after last shot is completed

Decoy shot: Deploy a mini-ship that creates a thin line after 0.5 seconds (it can collect stuff like thick, speed, mines but they wont affect you)
Cooldown: 6s

Poison fever: throw a poison fever, activates right when the user stops the throw. Creates an aoe effect that slows and makes targets lose points (ticks every second) effect has radius in between a regular fever and time bomb
Duration: 4s
Cooldown: 6s

Instead of what it is right now, I think the shield should have an effect where in the area around the user it erases fevers and mines that also works for projectiles which are mid air(user has to time it obviously)

Brake, Angle Turns
Remove the protection against points stolen for these abilities, in face I think using angle turns should make you lose 25% more points than a normal player would because it’s so good

Time bomb: Make it like the regular mine, where the effect on lines isn’t as strong (only destroys lines in a smaller radius).

i dont really know how to balance things sotell me what u think lol


New modules are always hard to judge until you really see them.

Shield would be kinda OP if it would save you from fevers as well.

Brake and Angle Turns should infact have less protection. Probably not lose more then others but protection should be lower imo.

Timebomb would be sick if it was i little smaller


I really like the ideas, though of course the time for implementing any new modules like those would come after quite a long time after more urgent things are done :slight_smile:

I think shield would actually be nicer (and not OP) if it had 0% defense (because it’s rather redundant that if you use Shield, you are protected, and if you fail to use it in time… you’re already 25% protected :smiley: ) but instead it protected from points stolen by fevers - but the player would still be affected by the fever’s effects and can die from it.