Some Line Themed Module Ideas


Vampiric Line Tech - Passive Ability

  • You will steal 10 points and gain invincibility for 5 seconds when an enemy ship crashes into your line

Double Line Tech - Toggle Ability

  • You can toggle between “weakened line” and regular line. Toggling weakened line makes all your line on the map weak and players can go through over them while only losing 1 pt. Weakened line can be active for max 3.5 seconds.

  • While weakened line is active steal against the player is increased by 5%

Also: shots can go through weakened line so you can do some cool stuff with this if you pair with shots

Stealth Line Tech - Active Ability

  • When used, makes all your line on the map invisible for 3 seconds

  • Ship movement speed is increased by 5%

Cursed Line Tech - Passive Ability

  • Your lines cannot be broken by other players, and you get no gaps
  • Whoever crashes into your line loses 3 points at the start of each round for the amount of times they hit your line(stacks each time they hit your line)

Steal Shot - Active Ability

  • Shoot a fire ball that steals fevers, lines and mines cd = 7 secs

Trigger Line Tech - Passive Ability

  • Anything colliding into your line creates an explosion, (shots / other ships die before exploding / other explosions from mines)

Charm Line Tech - Active Ability

  • When you use this ability, it slows you by 15% and deploys a circle around you with the ship at the centre. Any lines within the circle instantly get changed to your colour line and any players within the circle get 2 points stolen per second. Duration : 5 seconds cd: 8 seconds (you can cancel early)

lmk what you think i know some of these ideas are probably too complicated for the game but ill put it up anyway


It looks really interesting honestly. I would play it that way if it was an option. :slight_smile:


mm yeah, right now there isnt much incentive to aggresivelycut off others, players mostly just get close to hit with an ability or something


I don’t like the “vampiric line” one but the rest are great.


I could see it being over powered, especially the taking over the line


That’s fair. I’ll remove the taking over line thing, it does seem more balanced without it


Maybe split the vampiric into two different classes, or just make ‘the taking over’ apart of a different class. Cause it’s a really cool idea, just overpowered as a whole. In my opinion anyway.


Alright i added 2 more modules