Some ideas


The current room system is kind of bland. There’s quickplay, custom (with all different settings), and teams (which is just mindless survival)

When the game gets more popular: The quickplay shouldn’t be in custom games, so then it would truly be random (with people still being able to join from friends list) I know that right now, there’s not enough players online for it to be truly custom, because people would have to wait like 20 minutes for someone to get online and go into quickplay. Even now, there’s some times when I’m one of 5 different people online in CFP (which is really depressing)

The old teams mode, where you had to destroy your opponent’s crystals, was fun, but it got impossible. All the other team had to do was just coat their crystal in fevers, and you wouldn’t be able to do anything. I think a good idea would be to disable all point stealing items (blue only-shield) and have random “point pickups” around the map, which if you pick up, your entire team gains a certain amount of points (not a stupid amount, just like 3-6). If a player dies, everyone in the arena gains 10 points. This is still beneficial to the surviving team, because if it was 4v4, then the team with the lost player would only gain 30 points, while the team with 4 players alive would still get 40 points. The lines around the crystals in a certain radius auto destroy every 20 seconds or so, that it’s not impossible to get into, and some powers are disabled, like speedburst, speed dash, and teleport, so it’s not stupidly unfair. This mode could be called something like “team domination”

The current teams mode is really bad. There’s no structure to it, and only VIP players can host it (there’s like 1 or 2 VIPS online at a given time, if any, and they’re not always willing to do teams games) All it is is just mindless survival with whoever is the best survivalist on your team doing 90% of the work, while the other members of your team just walk around like chickens with their heads cut off. I think a good way to improve this is when someone dies, everyone in the arena gains 10 points. There’s no stealing points in this mode either, gaps don’t give points (just like normal teams), and the first team to gain a certain amount of points wins. And then, if there’s a tie, I think a tiebreaker round would be cool, with the last surviving member “carrying” their team to victory (just like the current teams mode) I think this could be a good idea to try, and a heck of a lot more exciting than the teams mode right now. “Team survival” might be a good name for it. This would make the teams mode feel a lot more like a team, rather than one person carrying the other 3 people on the team, while still incorporating some of the teams mode functions that are in CFP right now.

Lastly, there used to be a “classic” mode in cfp, but it got removed. This mode should be just like CF3, (pickups, no powers) I think if it got brought back, then it could bring back some OGS from cf2 and cf3, and maybe even attract some CC players. This could also be a version where people could train themselves to be better at surviving on their own, without powers.

New leaderboard ideas: The two teams games would make up one leaderboard called Teams, and “classic” and “Quickplay” would make up another leaderboard, called FFA (just like the ones right now). If the game ever gets popular enough, I think custom rooms should be avaliable to only VIP members (only if it gets popular enough *2k+ players online). This could give people more incentive to buy VIP, than to just avoid ads they can already avoid by just going into a match through custom games, a custom skin, some emotes, and the ablility to host a mindless survival game.
Custom games: Custom FFA games will still count towards the FFA leaderboard, and Custom Teams games would still count towards the Teams leaderboard.
Maybe if steam release ever happens, and CFP might get some popularity, it might start being developed officially again…


These are good ideas, but I think that Rojoss is focusing on other stuff before he might even start to think about incorporating this. He is busy with a lot of stuff :confused:


I think teams could be good if you could enable pickups. wbu?