Some feedback about the game


First of all, I’d like to see LASR removed. I could go on and on about why this is the case, but everyone’s probably heard enough of that already.

Second, I’d want Scatter Shot to be changed a bit. Instead of firing all its short-ranged fireballs/bullets/whatever at once, it would be cool if you could fire each of those individually (holding the key to fire them all at once), and after they’re all used, it has a cooldown. (Perhaps LASR should be changed similarly too - instead of firing a single beam across the arena, it would work similarly to the new Scatter Shot I described, with the shots flying over curves and having less beams and longer cooldown than Scatter Shot once they’re all used.)

Third, if you’re going to make angle turn and thin’s cooldowns shorter than their duration, you might as well make them permanent. (Press to enable/disable, and after disabling, you have to wait a few seconds to re-enable.) This could also be a new type of power.

And finally, PLEASE FIX ANGLE TURNS! When turning left/right, you can see a portion of the curve “teleporting” because of its really weird hitbox. This becomes even more apparent when thin is used with angle turns.


Hey @Rikri

Thank you for your feedback! :smile:
About Scatter, it is a cool idea of having the ability to shoot them individually. Though you must keep in mind we would need to add extra buttons and most important, it wouldn’t be scatter anymore since its concept its very different :wink:

There is not a lot I can say about Lasr… Personally I wouldn’t remove it but some changes are always cool ^^

The developers are improving the game each day including bugs. If you have any information or screenshots, feel free to place them in the bugs categorie. You never know we discover something new :wink:


You’d still use the regular key to fire each fireball/bullet, and they still have that short range. You can also hold to use it like you would before.