Some Epic Lags!



Its in general cuz on Bugs category u will not check those awesome lags!



I don’t see any problems, can you point it out to me? :joy:
But for real, I’m seeing such a thing for a first time. Maybe it could be because the page hasn’t loaded correctly and the assets are everywhere.


Lol maybe :rofl:
I can see some Epic Unknown textures
But if u play with lags like those ure practically not able to play :confused:


To be honest I think somethings wrong with your gpu. Looks like it. But maybe you just got the weirdest lags ever.


Lol maybe :wink:


I have not had any problems with that yet


This is some Fallout 76-type lag right here. :joy:


The last one looks like a beautiful bird :blush::heart_eyes:


Lol ye