Some changes I would like to see in the updated version



I want to suggest a couple of changes to the graphics (mainly) of the game.
These simplifications and modifications will also attract cf2 players so pls listen devs.

1.) The head of the curve (THE SHIP) should behave like in the old curve fevers.
Meaning that it should not have a part which when touches a wall or line doesn’t result in collision. So just remove the wings.
I think it would help in driving through narrow paths and stuff cuz of less distraction and would make the game look very clean and elegant.

2.) The curve(line) should not be able to cross over the margins of the border wall. Even the slightest brush with the wall should result in collision, just like in curvefever classic (cf2). This would help in clearly seeing whether an area is “closed” or not and would make the game feel more “precise”.



I like the idea of having the gameplay cleaner, but I personally enjoy having the wings on not only for cosmetic purposes but for the challenge of getting through tight spaces.:smile: