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I’m intrested, what settings do u guys use.

What do u think about particles?

  • Turned off for me! It’s too much… :confused:
  • They are on! Glitters and shine! :3

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Have to keep shadows activated when going against lo/rez fever users. At lower resolutions, it pixelates the field way too much and hides details entirely as a result. Was hoping this would be fixed, but yanno, priorities are priorities; gotta focus on a post-death minigame instead of bug fixing.


i don’t even notice them.



Settings had a big impact on how good/bad I play so I used to mess around with it quite often to find the most ideal combo. What worked best for me:

Resolution: normal
Anti-aliasing: on
Shadows: on
Particles: on
Full screen: off


For me atm it is the following…

Resolution: Normal
Aliasing: on
Shadows: off
Particles: on
Full: on

dont know about the particles tho :joy: