Social Hierarchy



Hey guys!

Property here again, back at it with yet another insane idea for a forum game!

As a Gold 1, I’ve wondered what would happen if we put rank hierarchy into a forum post conversation.
Basically, embed your rank into every one of your posts. The higher the rank, the more your opinion matters. But remember, sometimes it’s better to have more people support your opinion then others object to it, because sometimes you just gotta have quantity over quality.

  • If people who agree add up to a rank higher then the people who support the answer, your opinion is trumped.
  • As of after the 2nd post on this forum game has been made, you must put your rank number [e.g 1250 if you’re gold 1] after your actual rank so i can do the math easier.

Have fun! :grin:

Also, here’s a league risk for convenience. Hella thanks to NoFlavor.


Gold 1

Thin is one of, if not the module to have for survivalists.


Gold 4
I’d take the time bomb over thin, removes large areas of lines and scores you some points if you’re lucky


Gold 1 [1273]

I actually use both Time Bomb and Thin as a combo. They’re pretty good together.


Gold 2 [1313]

Wait, what about Angle Turns? Isn’t that good for survivalists when combined with Brake?


I actually just copied the angle turns strategy from someone I saw in battle yesterday, it’s awesome. I use angle turns on down and clock block on up


Gold 2 [1303]


I think you forgot to add your rank there, pal


Gold 4 [1406]

And let there be resurrection!


GM 4 [1907]

Time bomb is just a worse mine now with the exception of if you use it with angle turns