So teh game will die or not @devs



So The GaMe WiLl DiE oR NoT ?teh Question is for devs : @Averazon @Rojoss @Line @theangelov
@the_hashtag and you… Hope u will anwser
(Cuz i want to buy gems but if the game will die ill lose mah money and gems)


It won’t die for a long while, but there won’t be any new features or content updates anymore.


Oh ok so i think taht this topic is done tHXT @Rojoss


@The-Golden if u wanna be a great cf’s cosmetic collector,is up to you :wink: u gonna compete with @Ozzzj xd


What if HMG becomes, well, un-bankrupt?


Ye we want anwser :smile: @Rojoss (Lol)