Alright CFP, I have created something called smurf-running. It is where you try to get to diamond or GM in the shortest amount of time. (also i didn’t come up with the name myself, you know who you are) For example I have gotten the diamond rank in less than 7 hours.

-breaks from the game do not count. For example, eating dinner counts as time against this goal.

-You need proof by showing the recent games log. (so we know who is boosting or not with other accounts)

I think this will be fun for any Gms who want a challenge.


Here is my run:


wow nice job man!


I might have to do some diggin for old screen shots :wink:




Super fun, got it in about 2-3 hours


Kinda sad that this is dead, i feel like it should be more popular


i think we shouldnt encourage smurfing, fuck that shit




Beat this I dare you. (Ignore the name, it’s a joke)

Here’s proof I didn’t boost (again, forget the name)

(yes, I did this 2 months ago)


omg lmao