Smileys 😅 Please help me


hey guys i have a question,

is it possible to make this smiley " :sweat_smile: " in the chat of the game?
And is there a list of all smileys that i can make in the chat?


Hello @hundatze,

:joy: I found this emoji type: :')

But I couldn’t find: :sweat_smile:.


thank u for ur answer :sweat_smile: this smiley is great 2 but i really need the sweatgrinning smiley :sweat_smile:


If you want to check the full list of all emojis, type /emojis (in chat)


thank u man :sweat_smile: then u cant make the sweatgrinning smiley :frowning:
do u know if the smileys will get updated in the future :sweat_smile:



these are all the emojis that you can do ingame




U guys are Awesome :sweat_smile:
thank ya :sweat_smile:

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