Can u plz write all ur Smiley combo in the comments.
(this is my first post so sry)
i know some: :wink: :slight_smile: |) :stuck_out_tongue: xD <3





:slight_smile: :smile: :wink: :blush: :rofl: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


But can u plz write how u made them.


But can u plz write how u made them. :gold_crate:


Umh… Wdym? If ill write like this it will automatically change into and Smiley/emote


In the forum its easy just hover over an emote and it shows. Or type “:” and all emotes show.

In game you gonna have to use :fire: Unicode :milky_way: for it to show up.


wut is unicode


Basically its a set of characters like the latin alphabet(a-z) or the arabic numerals(1-9)

Unicode just combines all of it into a huge alphabet (~144 000 chars atm). It got everything from your standard Cyrillic alphabets (Њ   ҈   Ԫ) to math symbols (∓ ∢ ≹) and since recently emojis :stars:


Exmpls - …&#129302 &#128079 &#128170 &#128065


How do you know what each line of stuff does?


Theres prop a better list just one google search away but thats what i use for HTML anyway.


For in game you can write /emojis to get a list of auto converted emojis.