Small minigame when queuing



Sometimes queuing can take up to 2 minutes if you choose EU only and queue late at night (me -_-),

a small minigame to play would be great while queuing, could be like random level courses that you have to steer through small gaps etc, I can try to draw what I mean if you dont understand…

not anything big, just a small feature that would be fun !

Side Scrolling Mode "Adventure" Mode Idea

Great idea!


Really good idea. :slight_smile:


Pretty solid idea


This got suggested many times before by myself included.

Some ideas just from the top of my head:

  • Like I suggested a long time ago a game like Flappy Curve

  • A free field where you can draw with your line

  • Curve city! A big field ffa for everyone who is ready in the queue kinda like Skirmish in Overwatch. With basically instant respawning etc.

I mean whatever it is it should be definitely fast paced so no matter how long you are in the queue 20 seconds or 2 minutes that you can have an enjoyable experience.

The better this minigame is the less people mind being longer in the matchmaking to find the best opponents in a similar rank range. So I think a proper minigame would add an huge value to overall CFP.

EDIT: Right after I just thought of the second one I realize what a great pictionary game it could be. Small turns and fast speed and simple words to draw. One draws and the rest in the queue guess it.


i rly want this now, could be a whole section dedicated to minigames like OW with it’s arcade section


genius idea