Small arenas (4 v 4)


The dynamics of small arenas are so different. In a 4 vs 4 arena someone with two fevers has a massive advantage. I have two thoughts on this problem.

  1. You shouldn’t be forced into a matchup on a smaller arena without being given the option to change your powers first.

  2. The arena should not get as small as players drop out. The 5 by 5 reduction is fine, but 4 by 4 changes everything.

Happy for this to be shot down as a suggestion as I haven’t seen any other complaints, but to my mind it creates an unfair situation if you are suddenly playing a quite different game.


I agree with you that some balancing is needed, but it is more complicated. If you are on 6v6 in three people shots has a major advantage, because it doesn’t have enough barriers.


True. Maybe the small arenas is a way of letting the fevers have their day.

Its probably not a big enough issue to worry about and better to focus on the overall balancing of the powers. :slight_smile: