Skins distribution


I have a question about skins distribution for the match. I have a favourite skin which is equipped alone at n1 among 3 preferred skins. Whenever I join to a match where someone already plays with it I don’t get this skin, which seems to be fine of course. But it often happens that when I play in a match with my skin and someone joins he takes away my skin which was already equipped. How does it actually work? And can it be more fair? Because I never got the skin from someone when I joined in. But it happened the other way around a lot :frowning:


Player who joined first to that group should get the skin,or best ranked should have preference or just make it like cf3 used to be


The 1st who got the skin has priority


That’s how it has to be! But my question is exactly why I sometimes get stripped of the skin by fresh-joined player when I had this skin for some games already.


Some times groups get merged in the background.
Let’s say you’re in group a and get merged in group b but in group b there is someone with your skin then you don’t get the skin.


Oh, I see, thanks! So sometimes games are merged and someone gets stripped of his skin because of me, but I don’t even know about that :grinning: