Skins and alternate colors


can you please add alternate colors for skins instead of more than one person cant use the same skin in one match


I am not sure I understand the questions, currently there can not be 2 players in a game with the same skin. There can be two skins which have similar colors, but not identical ones.


I believe they are asking that instead of making it so only a few players can have one skin a match that a secondary color scheme for that skin is used on that ship. Am I right @corewind6


yes you are right


Hm, that would make skins kinda irrelevant. I think the more skins you have the higher the chance is to get to okay with one of them.

Since it is random who will play with the skin you might as well play with it when you have only one.


so are the battlepass skins gonna be og/exclusive in season 1 going into s2


We are planning to release new/different skins for the next BattlePass Season, not the same ones.