Skin competition winners!


A huge thanks to everyone who participated in the skin contest.
We’ve received over 200 submissions!
This will really help inspire us to make new skins.
I can already confirm the next battle pass is in the making!

Once again, thanks for all the submissions, it is really amazing to see what the community can do. :heart:
We would like to congratulate the winners, the rewards will be given to you as soon as possible.
All the original submissions can be seen on Discord.

Best design & art winners :medal_sports:


Best concepts :medal_sports:



Why not me?

My skin was the best. :frowning: All my hard work and popularity skin for NOTHING :frowning: .

I’m so sad…


Congrats to eveywon!! :joy: So many cool skins!


Congrats to all the winners and well done to all the participants, the concepts and skins looked amazing :smiley:


Depth won first with 800 gems


eh… I’ll probably not get to check out these skins for awhile so… It’s kinda saddening.


I got 400 gems XD


Thanks everyone for voting for my skin it means alot!




Congrats to the winners. Spend your gems wisely.
Just an advice … Don’t get icecream skin, its head is too big and the hitbox is too fu*king large. Like starfish or gold, but worse (speaking from experience here :joy: )

A request to Rojoss - Please make sure that the new skins are not like the ones I mentioned. It’s not an insignificant or minor thing and can make a huge difference, especially in good rooms with lots of shot players.


Meow what about angel skin :joy:


We saw @daRealPig get the battle pass congrats @daRealPig! :tada:


bro latios you spoiled it I was going to tell meow that I just got ice cream and I am loving it so much it is the best skin in the game! i got it on my old acc F** that skin*


sorry for halve cursing :sob:


depth was the smartest out of all of the winners. Got the most gems because he produced the most art :money_mouth_face:


omg nib


i did a heart skin too with the heart in the other direction


you liee to a cat
how dare you :open_mouth:
didnt you listen to the gayborhood lady : aaaaaaaaaa


Go for it. It’s one of the best. Small(est?) hitbox and smooth af.


this is a post.

  • This is a listed item
    This a poll.
    What is your favorite skin?
  • Blue racer
  • Red & yellow
  • Leaf
  • Pink
  • Starfish
  • Robot
  • Cauldron
  • Mummy
  • Zombie hand
  • Candy cane
  • O Christmas tree
  • Pineapple
  • Joker
  • Angel
  • Vampire
  • Ice Cream
  • Poop
  • Rasta
  • VIP gold

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