Side Scrolling Mode "Adventure" Mode Idea


Inspired from this thread


There are 4-6 players in this mode, the other characters are 5% opacity so they dont block your view. You cannot kill the other players by crashing into them and in this mode you do not create a line. All you do is head from left to right and try to survive. Everbody gets 3 jumps and thats it for abilities.

There are multiple sections that randomly come after one another. Occasionally there are “special sections” that are harder than normal ones.

There are also “flips” that happens during a small break section. For example normally the game goes left to right but it can be flipped around and changed to pretty much any direction.


So one section is like the flappy curve thing, where all players have to fit through gaps . Sometimes there is an undodgeable debuff fever inside the gap so you’ll just have to deal with the debuff (They would only be visual debuffs or reverse)

The special section of this would be every single gap there is a debuff you have to deal with but the gaps would be wider apart so it’s not too hard.

The next type of section would be a “tunnel section” Where the entire map is just line except for a small path that you have to follow, sometimes it will split into two and have debuffs you have to curve around as well as shrink and expand.

The special section of the tunnel would be where at the start you are forced to take a speedy fever and maneuver the tunnel. But obviously, the tunnel would be wider in this version.

The last section that I’ve thought of is just a whole bunch of random lines, curves and debuffs. Like the leftovers of an actual match.

Anyways i think it would be cool and good practice and would help to get used to curving with debuffs.

Prolly a ton of problems with this but this is just a really rough idea haha