Should solo games be instant wins?



Today, roughly two hours ago, I played a match of Curve Fever (no replay was saved). Both the other players quit mid-game, so I was left in a solo game. I didn’t feel like playing it to win, so I quit and went to do god-knows-what. When I checked later, it turns out that I didn’t get the +23 or the bronze crate I was promised (If somebody could check what rewards I was promised (if I get these rewards at all), I’d be thankful). As far as I can remember, I was first place. The match replay was also not saved (or maybe it did get saved, it just doesn’t show up for me). Since the other two players quit, I think I should get the credit I deserved (and yes, I did wait for another match to start to quit. I was alone).

Do I deserve what I was promised as the other two surrendered or should I not get/lose any trophies?


IMO you deserve the create if you finish the game. If you don’t finish the game you don’t have a better claim to win then anyone else. Maybe the server just destroyed the game since nobody was playing in it, which makes sense to me, why simulate a game nobody plays? In the rare case that there’s only player it’ll end fast anyways


I think it depends on if it’s a quickplay game or a game you made. If its a game you made then you could just make it private and quit so you’d get a bunch of trophies. If its a quickplay game then idk.


SHAZAM took me 11 min but I had to go in the middle of the match.


What do you mean by that Shazam took you?


I mean it took me 11 min to do that