Shot through the wall



Hi guys, I got in the second round shot by multishot through the solid wall.

It is in the second round by grey.

Proper shot description

It’s not a bug. He hit you because you’ve been too close to the wall and the explosion radius of the shot is enough big to reach you.


But it goes against the logic of the shot. So I consider it a bug :smiley: I know reason why it happened.


I think it shouldn’t be like this either


I think it’s fine :stuck_out_tongue: it’s not difficult to stay a little away from the lines if you see a shot player coming at you…


It’s not, but I still think, that this is not intended behaviour, thus it is bug.


Said the shot player :joy: I agree it is not hard to stay away form the line, sometimes you find yourself in tight spots tho where you have no other possibility. Since you see the shot player having only shots you think you are ok. Then the shot hits the wall and boom you lose points.

Honestly I get both points of view. There is obviously people that like this others that don’t. I am kinda on the side of those that don’t purely because it is against the logic of a shot.


It goes against the logic of a shot? Tell that to the people who make shooter games like CS:GO or COD. Ever heard of a wall bang? They’re in every shooter game :stuck_out_tongue:

PS. you can be happy shots don’t go through walls like in those games :wink:


I don’t have problem if they do, but then they would be clearly stated, you would play around it and their dmg would be more regulated. It can be suggested to the developers and I will be ok with it.

But then again, there was this kind of functionality before (Shots destroyed walls) and it was removed. From this point of view it is intended to block shots by wall. And in context of this, event that happened, is bug. And that is the reason, why I reported it.

PS. you can be happy, they don’t loose strength with the distance as in those games :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

PPS. More I think about it, it would be nice to do the two things, shot through and loosing potency with distance. It would make it more fair against the fevers and mines that goes through the lines.


I think that the explosion radius should be cut off by the line so it is just a semicircle of the side of the line which the shot connects. It doesnt make sense that the explosion travels to the other side of the line while it doesnt even destroy the line.


In my opinion it does. I see it as some kind of domino chain effect, since you basically have to touch the line to even get hit. As the player who gets hit, if you know that, take it into account and dont touch the line when a shot player is approaching you. I keep it in mind since I can get hit too you know… it’s kinda simple :stuck_out_tongue: But then again, there clearly are 2 sides to the story. Devs already made the hitbox smaller. You cant have it all. I would love that shots go through lines like fevers and bombs, so neither can I have it all or any other shots player :wink: my opinion…


Archiving this, as said above it’s not a bug and a side effect of the gameplay so it’s intended.