Shot of my life


I can’t stand not to share this shot. Check out the 5th round: :smiley:


Haha you got a little lucky with the hole, but jesus that is a nice shot


Of course i was lucky :smiley: I was like, "ah missed :confused: oh wait… wait, wait, wait, bamm lol :smiley: "


:scream: noooooooo way! That was insane!


Nice! :grinning: :smiley:


I had a bit of fun with the footage, hope you don’t mind! :sweat_smile:


Wooow nice shot @p.peti :heart_eyes:


Not at all :smiley: I also thought about recording it, but i was too lazy. :smiley:


The reply isn’t working anymore… (Thanks god NoFlavor recorded it :joy: )


And I feel happy when I hit someone with time bomb :joy::joy: