Shooting and disabling fevers? What is the number (ie "+6") that appears when this happens?


Hi, I’m pretty new to this and didn’t play CF2 so forgive me if these are stupid questions. From what I gather, when you place fevers on the field, other players can shoot them and disable them - is that right? (They turn opaque and the icon shrinks). Is the fever in question then disabled for everyone - or just the person who shot it? And when someone does shoot one of my fevers, a number with a plus sign briefly appears from my ship (ie “+6”) – what does this number mean? It doesn’t appear to affect the scoring or battle points or anything. Or have I completely misunderstood what’s going on here?

I have searched, read the FAQ and the ‘Understanding your powers’ post, and the wiki is no longer - is there anywhere where I can actually read the rules to this game? I feel like I’m missing something obvious! Thanks for reading.


I’ll try to explain it as short as possible:
If you shoot a fever and someone hits it at some point, it will show +6 next to your ship (following your example here). This ‘+6’ means that you gained 6 points, which brings you closer to the 250 points you usually need to win a game.The fever will only affect the person that hit the fever, all the other players won’t notice anything.
You can only get affected by a fever if you hit it (go through it) with your ship, shooting it doesn’t do anything. You can get affected by your own fever if you hit it, but you won’t lose any points if you do. IF someone hit the fever, this fever will be gone from the game field for everyone. A fever will only affect one person and is gone right after it has been hit.

ok lmao I don’t know if this helps but if you have a question regarding my not so clear answer, I’m happy to help.


Thanks so much anja for replying, and I understand what you said, but I think I’m talking about something else. I don’t think I quite explained myself clearly - so I’ve taken a screenshot which will hopefully help (picture worth a thousand words and all that!)

In this screenshot I am playing with the Poopy skin, and Yellow has just used ‘one-shot’ to shoot the speedy fever I previously placed. This turned the fever opaque, and the icon has shrunk. (There’s a regular speedy fever at the left of the screen for comparison.) When this happened, the green “+3” appeared above my ship – but i have noticed this does not change my point tally at the end of the round. Also, I just noticed that a corresponding red “-3” appeared above Yellow’s ship.

I’ve noticed that opponents can shoot my fevers multiple times (after the fever has turned opaque, it just stays opaque) and the “+3” etc numbers will continue to appear above my ship multiple times - especially if a scatter shot is used in short range and hits the fever multiple times, then the numbers appear quickly in succession.

I used the term ‘disabled’ because when my opponent has shot one of my fevers and made it turn opaque, they can then travel through the fever without being affected. (Although you see in this particular screenshot that yellow has swerved to avoid the fever anyway).

Is this just happening to me? I feel like I’m going crazy here! :wink: Thanks again for replying.


what i know,its just a visual bug,none of shooting powers disables our fever powers,and your +3 above your ship is your points earned for hitting your enemies,in this case +3 because yellow’s ship has 37 points (speedy fever takes/steals 9.8% from opponent) and if ur enemy uses any pasive module such as thin/shield,etc ,the percentage of stolen points decreases :slight_smile:


Paul, thanks for the reply! Ok - so perhaps it’s a visual bug, which means the opponents aren’t actually hitting my fevers in the first place, but when they get near them they turn opaque. And I guess if they’re not actually hitting the fevers (and its just looks like it due to lag etc) then the numbers are kind of a bug too, which is why they don’t make a difference to the score. My connection isn’t that great (my ping sits at about 300) so perhaps that’s why I see it a lot?

Basically sounds like I shoulds just try to ignore it?


With a lot of ping it can seem that other players go into you fever and for that you would get points indeed, but they actually didn’t hit it at all. Ignoring it is obviously a solution but might not be that fun for you.

I would suggest to install the client for this game which is somewhere on the forum. For me it performs a little better then the standard browser. And then you might choose if you prefer the US servers or EU servers in game. This could cause some lags as well.


The others have explained it pretty well.
The reason you see this is all because of network lag.
You mentioned a ping of 300 which is very high so you’ll see stuff like this happening a lot more than others.

Here a hopefully understandable explanation what’s happening exactly.
So the game is played over the network which adds delay/ping to all actions.
If you want to steer right you send this action to the server and the server will then simulate your action (in the past, at the time you pressed the button) and send it back and to everyone else.
The problem here is that you would have to wait for the action to be returned by the server which would add input lag.
So instead what we do is to predict the outcome and as soon as you press right your ship will turn right.
Unfortunately predictions are predictions and will not always be correct.
We do not only predict your own actions but also the movement of other ships.

So lets say you’re player A and place the fever in front of player B.
Player B was moving straight so he will continue moving straight in your prediction.
But player B was actually turning right before you threw the fever.
So for player B it looked like he never touched your fever but on your screen it looked like player B touched the fever and therefore you got the points and the fever disappeared and the effect was applied.
What happens next after like 300+ms (player B ping(?ms), server delay(~2ms), your ping(~300ms)) is that you receive the action from player B that he started turning right 300+ms ago.
So then a rollback happens and your simulation will go back in time which also means that the gained points were removed again and the fever was placed back on the field.
After the rollback the action of player B is applied and then the game simulates forward again.
When simulating forward the fever was not picked up so the points were not given and the fever remained on the field.

For most players you almost never see this because they have a much lower ping.
So the predictions are a lot more accurate then instead of lagging 300+ms behind.

For the smaller icon of the fever this is a visual bug, during rollback the animation bugs out some times and the icon shrinks twice and some times the fever will grow twice becoming really big but these are only visual bugs.

If you can’t improve your ping (play over wired connection for example) then you will just have to deal with these side effects unfortunately.
And one more note, you can not shoot fevers like other players said.


Wow - forgive my delayed reply, but thank you for that incredibly detailed and thoughtful response. I do understand what you wrote, thanks for taking the time to explain. I guess being somewhat new to the game I thought what I was seeing was possibly part of the gameplay I was yet to learn - please forgive my confusion.

Look, I could look into installing the client or wiring my connection - but I know that my problem is mainly my general internet connection! I’m in an unfortunate part of Australia with pretty poor infrastructure, and that also means I’m geographically far from both servers (I do slightly better with the US server). Yet I still persist in playing - so take that as a testament to a great game.