Ships spawned outside the border (when multiple users disconnect)


The gamefield resized but the starting positions of players were not adjusted - the remaining 3 of us got random’ed 3 out of 5 “5-players-slots”.

I was lucky enough to get this one which was outside of the gamefield :joy:

Well, at least I see you have implemented the “automatic reparations for game bugs” feature, because I got 2 consolation survival tokens for this instant death :joy:

On a more serious note, the fact that I got assigned two tokens seems like a data race coming from that parts of the code request the answer to “how many players are there” at different times instead it being queried once and passed to the different components that need it. Seems like 1) the code for scaling the field, and 2) the code for assigning survival tokens during the round (see no survival tokens for me), both made this query when the answer was already “3 players”.

While 1) the code for randomizing starting positions, 2) the code for assigning survival tokens at the end of the round, and 3) the code for displaying players list in the top right corner, were still certain there are 5 players playing.

New round bug
Player starting outside the field after multiple "desertion"
Player starting outside the field after multiple "desertion"
Spawn outside map, insta-death

It also happened to the guy on the right in this game after two of five remaining players left at the same time.


Happened to me just few moments ago.


Yeap. it seems to still be happening; but only when 3 people leave at once. Other scenarios are at least fixed, seemingly.


Hmm, pretty strange, it should have been fixed. So it happens when going from 6 to 3 players in one round?


Yea. It’s what happened in my match.

Actually, looking further into it, in both our games we were on the second round when this happened after 3 players left the first round; evident by our scoreboards. Perhaps this has something to do with it?


I’ve had the same but only going from 6 to 2


I’ll just add another to the pile.


It happened first time to me. I thought it was fixed before and happened after update September . After 6 players in first round there were only 3 players remain in 2nd round… i won the match anyway, but…, its something to fix. Cheers :wink:


The bug I post is a bit different (even though the bug with placing out of the field is still happening - it happened with me when there were three of us left), but today twice I saw someone come out of the gamefield:

I asked the guy if he was out on his screen, but he said he wasn’t. How is that possible? :slight_smile:


A desync from the server.
(red) and (blue) both received different information.


It happened to me twice already: when there are only three players left I appear outside of the gamefield (only for the first 3-players round, I appear in normal position in the next rounds):



on round 5, only 3 players left , two are starting outside the field and die immediatly


Replay Link
Happened to me as well, pretty sure it’s something about players leaving and changing the arena size.

btw I was purple, one of the victims in dying to the border.


Another for the books…


Should be reduced after today’s update.
Please send match codes and/or replays if you see it happening.

New round bug

We were with 6 in the previous round and then the new round starts, 3 of them are gone. 2 of us spawn outside of the playing field.
Match ID: _GiCxfZ3p.0



I attached a photo, sorry I took the screenshot late so the leaderboard is in front of it, but as you can see 2 players spawned outside the map and died before the round even started ahah!

Curves outside of broder
Curve Fever Pro Update Notes | 29-05-2019 | 1.7.10