Ship Level, ATK + DEF, Crates, XP and Rank Points


Just a few questions as the wiki seems out of date since your update.

  1. I understand the max level ship is 8 and there are 24 ships in total. When choosing a ship do they go up a level every 3rd ship with the 22nd-24th ships being level 8’s?

  2. I assume ATK and DEF are for how many points you gain and defend but I also noticed sometimes when colliding head on, one ship can plough straight through another and wondered if that might be down to ATK + DEF or maybe ship level?

  3. Is there still a bonus crate for collecting 8 crates?

  4. What determines the amount of XP you get? I seem to get a fixed amount for each win, I understand I can use the research team for x2 and that coming 1st gets more XP, are there any other factors for me to consider while playing to boost XP rewards?

  5. What determines the amount of rank points you get? This seems less fixed than the XP to me, sometimes I get a load of points for coming 3rd, and sometimes I come 1st and get only a few. Would be handy to know what I can do to help me rank faster.

Thanks for your help, loving the game and looking forward to seeing it grow as you continue to work on it :slight_smile:


The level 8 ships are unlocked at level 29-31. You start with a level 1 ship, of each ship level there are 3 different ships. However, ship level is not that important anymore since last update.

ATK and DEF have nothing to do with the level of your ship, they depend on the level of your powers. Also, collision still seems random sometimes :joy:

Nope, this got removed since the last big update. However, the reward for normal ships is a lot higher than it used to be.

You can earn XP in two ways, one is by opening crates. The amount in a crate is pretty much random, but the amount you receive in a gold crate is (of course) higher than the amount received with a basic/bronze crate. If you’ve filled up all the slots for your crates, you start gaining XP for getting first (3XP), second (2XP) and third (1XP). You’ll level up sooner if you boost your XP by buying researchers, this will result in unlocking ships and gems sooner.

The rank you gain depends on your own rank and the rank of your opponents. If, for example, my rank is 1600 and your rank is 1300 and I win a game, it is less likely that I will receive a lot of rank points since the game expected me to win the game (based on my rank). If you would play against higher ranked people and you manage to make it to the first place, you’ll probably receive more rank points.

The important thing to note here is that rank points and XP are two totally different things. So buying researchers won’t help you getting more rank points.

I’m glad to hear you are enjoying the game! Feel free to contact me if you have any more questions! :smile:


Thanks for the speedy reply, really helpful cheers :slight_smile:


Just to address the collision thing on its own, you only die when hitting lines - not ships. This means that your ship on ship collision is actually 1 player’s line being drawn on another player’s ship. This means you can drive your ship through someone else’s ship and survive (and take them out). It also means that you can have overlapping lines with another player if your ships are equally in front of one another (so the lines are being drawn behind both ships’ collision boxes but on top of each other’s lines).


Ok, thanks. So what determines which line dies first when they’re head on?

Mostly I see them both die at the same time (which makes sense) but sometimes you see one take damage and is invincible for a second (flashing) and thats enough to get through their line and get away. Not sure if I saw any weapon used though but maybe there could have been. It has happened to me before where I had no idea how I survived it but I wasn’t complaining haha, I had that flashing invincibility then too


Its cool it happened a few times more and its just the effects from a bomb or speed burst