Shield Zap


OK, so it has happened to me once again - I have been zapped with my shield on, so I decided to file a bug ticket for your consideration.

According to my observations, it happens only when someone jumps over (random skip in the line) during the encounter

  1. round 1
    A. My shield is on, yellow is approaching with zap
    B. He zaps me, but points go ONLY when he jumps over me
    C. He drives away laughing

  2. round 5


A. My walking down with the shield, EZ
B. He zaps me but he gained points ONLY when I skipped oved him
C. He drives away with my points and dignity

In the pic. 2c orange didn’t skip over me, I must have jumped instead.


Thnx for the detailed report.

Just gonna put this here as well


lol actually funny all 3 replays are from robot skin :thinking::joy:
But prob not related haha


Caus the third one has also happened to me in this game:
3. round 5


Maybe it’s a robot bug :joy:


4 - 5. Round 2 AND 3


and what is it with the homing thing?


the neverending bug where you don’t get the points for hitting someone with homing, but they say it’s gonna be fixed soon, hope that’s true


round 5


@Rojoss the robot skin theory has just been busted! xD


Good! :smiley:


no the bug is when you hit someone but the missile keeps going on that’s the bug


that happens when the bug where you don’t get points occurs


what about both