Sharing my target practice + Looking for tips on survival


Not a bad run but had a few misses so I know I can do better…

Previously I used to make my own targets by laying mines then trying to hit them again but I’ve recently found this way of practising aiming and it is actually a lot of fun!

Next I’m looking for new and interesting ways to practice my curving/survival. I think that’s my main weakness. Most of the time I die due to misjudging a gap or focusing too much on aiming. Any tips the pros can share? I’ve heard of box camping, but not sure exactly what it looks like or how to approach it…

How do you guys like to practice your skills?


insane way to prac aim! definitely going to try this!


Never thought of this, looks interesting and for sure good since the targets are always different. The thing with your combo (2 fevers/mines) is that at least I get quickly into a spamming mode where I look more on the shooting part then on the surviving part.

For surviving I suggest 4 drills:

  1. The angelov circle: @theangelov always used to make a tight as possible circle, I believe this really helps in getting those curves tighter.

  2. The full camp: Basically a reverse angelov circle where you start at the border and camp as tight as possible until you fill the field.

  3. The holy hole: Curve around for a bit, then try to get through each of ur holes at least ones (twice is probably even better)

  4. The half camp: This is my personal favourite, you basically camp from the outside to the inside but leave some space. On the inside you turn around and try to get all the way out using the space you left. Start a little wider and make it tighter and tighter as you get better!

Hope this helps :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks Line this is really helpful! I’m definitly going to try these out. Yes I definitely know what you mean about spam mode. xD


Ye spam mode is pretty frequent and that is one reason I don’t like to use fevers haha …

If you don’t care about rank and really want to get good at stearing you can go into a normal match and just try to go through every single hole you can!


Thank you mate :slight_smile: After a while you get to a level where the aim itself becomes muscle memory and so you can just glance at the opponent briefly and the rest happens naturally. You can even land shots from your peripheral vision so you can keep eyes on your curve the majority of the time.

I find the part that gets me is when I get greedy, and find myself trying to squeeze one more shot in when I don’t have enough room to manoeuvre - actually this happened at the end of my practice video xD

I know I can take this module class to GM if I can just control the spam, slow down a little and focus more on the curving/survival. The best thing I ever did was swapping my front fever for a mine which I try to only to use as a weapon when I know I won’t need it for jumping.

I’m tempted to even swap the reverse back to stealth mine which I used to use. This opens up the chance to drop it just behind me then turn around and use it to jump away from an oncoming attack.

Also losing the reverse might help me make more friends xD

Thanks for your help line, those camp suggestions are excellent! <3


Yes really insane, only thing, if ur trying to hit people won’t they be moving aswell? Just a thought no harm intended


Ofc but then u need to aim just a bit infront of them and with the fevers you hit them pretty good :stuck_out_tongue:


True, mainly bc I usually use side shot so that’s why


Yeah, actually when I first started out with fevers I found my shots were on target but always late. The first hurdle was learning to aim where they are going to be rather than where they are :slight_smile:


Nice though :+1:. Once you perfect if then it’ll be so fun hitting people all the time


Thanks I just need to work on balancing it with survival now. I die for the stupidest reasons too often and thats my biggest set back. But I’m sure in 6 months time I’ll be able to look back and this will just be another phase I was going through - just like when I look back at when I couldn’t aim backwards - soooo many fails! It’s all part of the journey to getting better <3




Good tips from Line aka the theangelov fanboy :stuck_out_tongue:
You use the 2 fevers combo, the one I use the most too so I can give you some advices on playing with this.
Indeed, the way of playing Cfp depends a lot on your powers choice.

What is the best way of playing with 2 fevers :

  1. Be careful about your opponents’ level. If you are above the average level, you can play more aggressive. You’ll steal points easily.
    If you’re below the average level, I advise you to think about surviving above all.
  2. The 2 fevers combo is really useful because it’s also a good defense combo when trying to survive. Indeed, if you wanna a good area to survive, you can throw items to the different holes to prevent them to come.
  3. Spam if you masterise it. The more items will be in game, the more chance you’ll have to steal. But spaming brainlessly is useless. If you don’t have the level, keep it charged and throw whenever you are pretty sure to hit someone.
  4. See clairvoyantly. Everytime you make a choice about the way you take, think about which will be your next move. Don’t be surprised. It will be easier for you to prevent being hit by a fever because you have already analysed your path and the possible exit doors.
  5. Wait the right moment. The closer you’ll get from a opponent, the less time he’ll have to dodge your fever.
  6. Anticipate. The most common mistake with fevers is actually throwing it too late. And realeasing the up or down arrow too early.
  7. Train yourself to pass through the holes with different angles.
  8. If you masterise the last point, don’t hesitate the pass through holes whenever you can if you are sure about not dying. You can earn 20-25 points a game by doing this. You can earn 5-10 more if you don’t forget rocketing.


Leaf, this is excellent advice thank you. Some really good points that have given me a lot to think about and practice. Much appreciated <3


Some guy called ß_ß literally just goes through every hole he can. This really helps with understanding your turn radius and hit boxes. Otherwise practice making really smooth slow turns by tapping to turn.

For double fever/mine however I would say survival is more about giving yourself space and keeping other people away. Camping and control is less important.

Players like HeiCurve seem to have like no control at all and still survive for friggin ever. It’s more about visualising what space is/will remain empty and claiming it for yourself in a way that others can’t take it from you.


Thanks Owl, some great points there mate. I think I could benefit from combining all of the advice so far. Great feedback from everyone thanks! <3


I just wanted to say a big thanks to everyone in the topic, @line @owl and @Leaf, you all gave excellent tips which I’ve put to practice and it’s helped me improve significantly.

I now hold a solid GM position on both my accounts Z3RO and H3RO. Zero to Hero, yes I know lol but too many people said it so I had to do it! Plus doubling up on VIP and skins is my little bit to try and help the game out through this uncertain period…

Recently I’ve sent a few people to this topic when asked in game how I got better. Hopefully this will help them too. For any new comers reading this - keep practising!

Thanks again guys <3


No problem… I wish I could play with you but with ma injury i play like a bot :joy:


Dude what happened? That explains why I haven’t seen you online much. Are you ok?