Share your spooky story!


Hello Curvers!

Halloween is coming closer and closer! You know what that means :smiling_imp:
Feel free to share a few of your spooky stories with us. Maybe you can scare some people? Trick or treat them?

With this community event we hope to get all the vampiers, zombies and much more out there! Aslong as you keep your stories appropriate and don’t go too explicit it should be fine :wink: You can never start too early with preparing Halloween can you? With some good luck and help of my bats, we could organize something on the 31st? spoiler

Get yourselfs ready before it’s too late!



ok so once upon a time

there was this great evil

big, great, evil, you know

and it threatened to murder all the ships.

so then, someone took this evil

and killed it, wow

but then they found a cursed treasure

multi shot owo

everyone dies THE END


Once, there was an ugly barnacle.
He was so ugly that everyone died. The End :relaxed:

(That didn’t help at all… :pensive:)


So i was walking and then i exploded :exploding_head:

this does not help :expressionless: