Share everything!


Since @Line gave me a brilliant idea… here it is! Feel free to share some funny, interesting, or cool things about yourself or a subject! Maybe we’ll become a little smarter… or dumber? :wink:

Please make sure to:

  • Remain appropriate
  • Not swearing involved
  • No spam (please no spam)

Anyway, enough boring rules. I’ll start!

Did you know that Earth has traveled more than 5,000 miles in the past 5 minutes.


Did you know that czech beer is the best? xD


Did you know that I suggested this topic :joy:

Kidding… Something interesting about me: I am a European champion in athletics :running_man:


If you shine a UV light on a lobster, it turns blue/green! :smiley:


If u win a fortnite game you get a free one umbrella


Did you know that I’m trash?


Did you know that sometimes people make errors, don’t realise they did something wrong and when they get punished they become childish and insult those that rightfully punished them without even thinking of what they did or what the bullied/insulted people are feeling.

Also fun fact for those that are into algorithms: There is no perfect Meta-Heuristic for every type of problem. You can only judge them on specific problems or even problem instances #nerd :nerd_face:


Oh sike man xdd


Well, cool thing is that I’m 1st in Spain at Slides in freestyle rollerskating :stuck_out_tongue:


im best in my state for piano

in my level

and i played at carnegie hall 3 times

not to brag

and i found 5 4 leaf clovers
the most recen one today ( yes bc my edit)


I’m the best bulgarian player in CF of all time :smile:
(That’s kind of sad, because so far i’ve seen only one bulgarian player besides me :cry: )


Did you know that someone held my beer