Server Update Suggestion


I know there is another post about this but I think this needs to get more attention.

As I’ve played many matches today, a lot of servers we’re very laggy and some people who have played with me (sorry for the rages) can agree. I’ve lost a total of 56 due to lag (not that I’m complaining).

The worst part, however, is that pickups we’re broken (spawning many times in different spots), random air deaths from me and other players, along with ping at 220+ (I’m in the US so it’s around 100 for me usually on EU servers) and frames per second we’re dropping from 60 to occasionally 10 to 15 frames.

I will not request a refund on trophies because some of the losses are my fault. Hopefully, these servers will be fixed!

A replay:
(First round)


If play on US server my minimum is 300 ping :joy: i would be happy to have 100-200
But ye an improvement would be great indeed


As a side note, I believe that the servers I played on and are most laggy are
US-017 (tested this with my other account)
These all had incredible ping or had the pickup glitch as mentioned.


Heh u forgot about EU - 44 laggy as hell
Btw i never was on US server xD


That is true I forgot about that one lol