Server Lag! (April 15th, 2021)


Server EU-040 was extremely lagging and often killed me a lot. It wasn’t just me however it was also my opponets which only one was barely affected. Not sure if it was an overload or something happened but it is kind of weird.


Your playing curve fever what do you exspect?


You are* expect*

And just because the servers have been lagging ever since the game’s company made a bankrupt, it doesn’t mean that the game has been always like this :d


I remember back in summer/spring of 2020 it was really bad that you would crash often. I note that it has gotten so much better (thanks devs!) but I think it’s time to bring attention as a feedback post. Noteably, some people say that EU-043 was also kind of laggy. I did notice some ping spikes but not much (maybe a few frame rate drops here and there).


Im in school chill I got no time to hav gud grmr


unplayable at the moment


All EU servers are lagging, went from 40 to 100ms on average, and of course nobody will fix it.