Send us your best gifs and win 200 coins!


Send us your weirdest, funniest, best Curve Fever Pro gifs! Whoever submits gifs that end up getting published on the official Curve Fever social channels will receive 200 coins! Just drop them in this thread to compete :slight_smile:

We’re looking forward to your submissions! <3


Holy shit that’s … not a lot. Like, at all. Are you sure you didn’t drop a zero or two?


I might be able to upgrade my lo-rez fever lvl 3 if i win :scream:


I really like this idea but 200 coins is barely more than a single golden chest.

20k would be too much but at least 2k sounds somewhat appropriate


yeah 2k


I-Will-Make-Him-An-Offer-Funny-Funny-Baby-Meme-Photo-For-Facebook xd












Full vid here
But plz, 200 coins is not much :stuck_out_tongue: Give more :smiley:


You can get 200 coins from 2 gold chests


I wish someone would put trigger double kill gif :sweat: Coz I’m too busy to record my games :smiley:



Here is my entry for the GIF contest.
Beautiful, isn’t it?
In fact it is far from what I expect as reward.
My wish is 2’000 diamonds and 20’000 coins.


double kill


When are the submissions due @KevWatch ?


Nothing special :wink: I did triple kill using one laser.


Nothing special, Lego does that every game, even when he is only using low-rez fever.


mmhm but i am not legolas
it says to submit your best
not the best