Secret sound


Hey everyone!

I have been stuck with this question for more than 2 months. I am trying to guess the sound of this and I am asking you to join me in the battle. I have no idea anymore of what it can be…


Let us hope the mystery gets solved ^^


Sounds like a puncher or a stapler, but it’s probly way too easy.


Sounds like a trampoline :smiley:

You could easily detect it, create a neural net, train it on all the sounds that you find on the internet while somehow generating accurate labels for them (you could do this by starting from the label and getting the sound, eg. searching on free sound sounds for the label and using the results as input), then use this secret sound as the input and you’ll get the correct labling!


Have seen some of the wrong answers I gave previously, It is not a stapler, paper whole thing lol and not trampoline springs mm


u r a cheater lol


it’s a safety pop-up button on a bottle. duh! :rofl: i have no idea

but for real, its some sort of pressure seal getting broken.

a deer hitting a windshield?


Maybe a door closing


It sounds like a camera snap or someone flipping a page. :thinking:


Welp its dead topic…
I tried to solve this sOuNd but …


It showed me that there are attackers who will steal my passwords :joy::joy::joy:




bruh bRuH ?


same xD


Lol this is hacked By Coronavirus


When you increase the sound’s length by 2000% (slow it down by 2000%), it says: 404 Not found.
Nah, I’m joking. :joy: