Season 1 's skins?


How can i get the first season skins ? Thank you


You can’t anymore. Once a season is over the skins are no longer available! At least it was like that up until now.


Maybe it would be cool if all the skins (from the finished seasons) are in the shop :thinking:.
(But of course, for a big price :stuck_out_tongue: )


Or what if once you complete to level 50 in the current battlepass, you could start working through previous seasons’ battlepasses but each level would be like 5000 points not just 1000?

They did mention that really old skins might be added to the store, but idk.


I want to get that robot skin


Probably they will add it to the store but I do not think you will get it as a free option


Oh ok


ngl i’d like to have some new skin,i’d buy some of them despite i wont prolly use em (cuz i like wearing pinky one) :joy: ( i like pink skin,pink league frame/pic etc)