Scrap/heavily nerf Zap/Scatter



Yeah, i don’t really think i need to explain this to you

  • discourages precision
  • little to no skill required
  • deals way too much damage for risking

I could go on and make this topic undeniably long, but there are so many reasons to count, it’s not even funny anymore.


You forgot:

  • Super close range
  • hard to even get to player
  • only good with a certain combination (speed/hideself) and even then easy to dodge
  • trash with basically every other module in the game cause you cannot get close to players

:joy: btw I am not using any of those 2 modules and still think they are ok


I love Scatter and Zap players because they are basically free Elo for me.

Play a few games with them yourself and you will quickly learn the tendencies and limits of those powers/combos. You will probably also realize that there is plenty of skill involved if you want to be successful with those.

There are also many powers you could try that are particularly strong against those. Mines, Jump, Side Shot, Multi Shot and Angle Turns. Any fever from the back is also good against Scatter.


My favorite thing to do when someone has scatter and I’m ahead of them like in the area in the arena in which they are in, is time bomb them, side shot, time bomb repeat. Once stole about 70 points from one guy in one match


:joy::joy: I don’t see any legit gms ever complaining about those two modules man like all it takes is some awareness while playing. Trust me, they aren’t that hard to avoid.
Now when it comes to speed and zap, more than often there are people who simply suicide to steal your points. Now that is what I find BS (Shout out to all the legit speed zappers tho). Some may say it’s not hard to avoid speed zappers but when they come after you every round it is very difficult, especially to win games. Although this is avoidable there are just some annoying people who will target you every freaking round and one mistake will cause you major downset.

Here are a couple of suggestions that may help you play better against them:

  1. Shield- pretty self-explanatory.
  2. Reverse fever on the back- time it right you can cause the speed zappers to mess up when they are coming from behind.
  3. Trigger- when you use trigger, for a brief mini sec you are invulnerable and if you time it right, it will protect you from zaps (may steal from them too).
    Most importantly, you should always maintain some distance from the zappers.
    Hope this helps. :call_me_hand:


Actually speed zap is not that strong, its just annoying Cuz almost nobody know how to use it, if you get a -30 Cuz He suicded on you doesnt mean it is good, because he suicided And only got 30 this can get more only by surviving, a real speed zap player would only suicide at The end of rounds And not anytime, on firsts round He should try to take The more Space possible to get that +50 at least

well… Stop suiciding everytimes speed zapers!!! Its annoying And ruins our game!


UHHH I dont think its too bad


The only good use of them is with these combos.

  1. Jump and scatter
  2. Speed and zap
  3. invisible and scatter/zap
  4. trigger bomb and scatter.


Trigger bomb + scatter not really :joy: it is super hard to use from a specific lvl on (you can reach gm with it but getting to the top is almost impossible)


‘You’ doesn’t apply to me in this instance :slight_smile:


I get accused of suiciding semi-regularly, when in reality I try and survive and crash, which is the risk of speed zapping, because it is hard… I typically don’t do well in these instances.

But I play speed/zap because it’s the most fun, and goes to the heart of curvefever: stealing points and cutting people off. And yet everyone moans in the chat like that’s not the point of the game.

And it’s not OP, I don’t have difficulty personally avoiding other speed/zappers, and I find it almost impossible to zap the top players.
On the other hand, you want to talk about fundamentally OP, lazer…


As a speed zapper player, I completely agree. against good opponents, it’s more about using the threat of the zap to gain space than suiciding randomly against players.


I feel like speed zap is good for like gold3 and lowers. I can easily bait people by going close and then side shot and time bomb


Speed zap is not too bad. I guess what people are angry about that you steal so much while pretty much suiciding (even if you try to survive) :joy:

Someone mentioned laser is OP :joy: you should try using it before you say that (it is hard af and you can’t move for a while which makes you an easy target.


NO. I think zap and scatter shot are fair. You have to be able to come close to a player, if you’re aware that the player has zap or scatter shot you can simply turn the other way. This is what makes the game fun, if we always make the game easier it’s not gonna be fun in the end!