Scoretracking goes off on death during lagspike



The first image shows me (yellow) as being very clearly dead but the scoreboard on the topright doesnt. At this stage, I can’t control my turrets. This bug happens when I die during a sharp lagspike (which isn’t very surprising for a lagspike, so this bug has happened quite often for me, at least 5 times in the past two days).

The second image shows the end round scoreboard where I apparently have gotten all five survivals. After this point my scores are permanently messed up for the rest of the game. My scores are inflated and the score of the ones who survive after me are deflated. Many times, this has caused the game to end prematurely for me, where I supposedly have a lot of points, but somebody who hasn’t yet reached 250 points from my perspective has actually already won, and everyone leaves while I’m still stuck in the game.

Dying during lagspikes isn’t new, but this bug is fairly new, so I think it may have to do with the recent changes to the scoreboard.


Is this still happening?
The past updates we’ve made several tweaks to the scoring system and fixed several bugs with it.
I believe there might still be some issues left but please let us know if this is still the case.


Scoretracking going off has happened to me since then a bunch of times, so I’d say yes. Last time it happened about three days ago. When I posted the bug it was happening far more often than it does now. Alhough it doesnt happen during every “lag death”, each time it does happen is during a lagspike. I’d guess it happens when there is a significant desync or break in communication with the server so the gameserver doesnt register my moves and my PC doesnt properly register my death. Maybe there is a SYN-SYNACK-ACK that you guys use for events like these that gets disturbed?.

I actually have a strategy for when this happens now, and that is to go all out and start going for as many points as possible :joy: , since people have more points than I think and I have less points so I need to make up for that. I also end up having to ask people in chat what the actual scores are.