Scatter's cooldown = 5s, really?


Hi @Rojoss, I’ve been playing with scatter for years, and increasing its cooldown to 5s is really too much… It completely penalizes the gameplay, and I find this change very unfair compare to other shots (just think to side and double shots, about 14% damages, 2 chances to hit from a long way and 3s cooldown!) and other powers in general…

I know that this shot causes lots of damages but in return it is very hard to shoot someone with it, even when curving close to him (how many times did I shot someone coming just in front of me without touching him? #Missed Pulp fiction’s shot). Yes this shot is powerful, but hazardous and it makes you very vulnerable… It’s enough like it, that doesn’t need to have a 5s cooldown…

Do you consider going back, or at least nerf the original cooldown to only 3.5s for example?

I love this power, I don’t want to choose another one, but go on using it in these conditions doesn’t attract me at all… I don’t try to put pressure, and well aware that I’m only a little player “without any weight”, but for information I’m about to quit this game juste because of this change. I play for fun, but fun decreases a lot and I feel some great injustice in addition.


A nerf to 3.5 seconds for example doesn’t really fix the power’s problem. 5 seconds is a bit too much, I agree with you on that, so I think 4-4.5 seconds would be better.


And what is the “power’s problem” exactly, specially considering this :


The power’s problem was the insane cooldown especially for a power that steals 1/5 of your points. The power was also just too much of a “less skilled” power because all you pretty much did was point and shoot. Now this can be argued for a lot of powers, but the cooldown was the main reason it was nerfed. And my suggestion to you would be to write this in the Curve Fever Pro discord server (#feedback-balancing), put a poll and see what others think. Not many people hang around the forums so you should have better luck there.


I know this point of view but I don’t find it pertinent. Simply consider what I wrote about the difficulty to use this power properly, the vulnerability it causes, and compare this to other wide and long shots… Another example : zap steals almost same points than scatter, it’s a short range power too, its cooldown is only 0.5 second more, but it is way more easy to touch someone with it - you just have to zap close to someone, even through lines… - than with scatter. Just by considering this point, we can see this 5s cooldown is unfair. Maybe the right choice would be to decrease a little bit the amount of points stolen with scatter? But certainly not puting it a 5s cooldown which completely distorts and penalizes its using.

Last point : if scatter was really as unbalanced and powerful compared to other powers as you seem to claim, why didn’t we see much more GM using it, or much more players becoming GM by using it? Maybe some players would say something like that : they wouldn’t stoop to use such a “basic and unbalanced power”… But the truth, in my opinion, is that everybody knows it’s hazardous and makes you vulnerable --> Even with training, I’m pretty sure that it wouldn’t be as easy for the best CF pro players to keep their rating by using this power (the scatter with 3s cooldown). If this is really true as I think, it’s the proof that this power with its former settings wasn’t more efficient than the others… So why consider that its cooldown is too short? It’s not logical. :wink:

I said what I had to say, let’s see what Rojoss will decide now.


Now while you certainly raise some valid points, I believe the reason most GMs including myself aren’t using scatter as much even with the 3s cooldown is because we all knew it was going to get nerfed eventually, and getting used to a power and practicing with it, just to watch it get nerfed to the ground doesn’t seem logical. Now for sure, it is not easy to consistently steal without getting stolen from and is certainly outclassed by zap currently, it is difficult to find a happy medium with a power as complicated to balance as scatter.
Scatter could use a cooldown reduction, like I said before, and the bullet speed nerf certainly helped even it out but it should definitely not be like before (3s cooldown)


I agree that the cooldown could be reduced to 3,5 / 4 seconds. and maybe lower the percentage stolen a bit. Then it potential is revived again.