Rules // guideline regarding smurfs


I wanted to create, created a smurf where I can play for fun and play without powers and see in what Elo I land.

So is this legal? Can I have openly 2 Accounts without getting banned on the smurf? Or is it just, that people don’t like it, but devs are not looking after it and its kind of a grey area, and they just don’t want to have too many smurfs in the game?

Or is there a official statement for this topic?



You can create more acc.
I do not know how many, but let’s assume 3 accounts. xD


haha ok :grin: thx


Its okay, I have a smurf as well where i play crazy!


My smurfs always get to GM :joy: i should try to make 100 accounts in the gm :joy:


ouf but if there is no Elo decay… are those smurfs are just staying on top of the ladder? xD I mean if you don’t play, your rank stays high… Or this doesn’t happen naturally, because other players get better and beat your score?


It just stays high :joy: dont think that many players can reach 1800+


Challenge accepted. Let’s make the top 10 Owls


Creating/playing with multiple accounts is fine.

Boosting your rank however is not allowed.
That’s considered as cheating,
So if you play with your own accounts for whatever reason you have to make the room unranked.

And one more thing, if you get punished (muted/banned or whatever) it’s obviously not ok to continue the same behaviour on another account.


i have 7 accounts and play custom games with 4 of them simultaneously there ,now is easier ,cuz are only 4 games instead of 8 (i do crates xd)

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