Rojoss will u please adress the situation?


What is happening with the servers i cant seem to login or play on a guest accnt.


The servers are working fine, there are over 100+ people playing right now.
What is the error you get? Are you playing on a private or public network?
If public the site/server might have been blocked.


error 300



Could you open the console (F12) and send a screenshot?


i have a chromebook


CRTRL + SHIFT + J should do the trick


it wasnt allowing me to this is the best i can do


Yeah this won’t help solve the issue, will need the console ouput.
CTRL + SHIFT + J will open it.
Alternatively right click the page and select inspect, then on the opened window select the console tab.
Should look like this, but after you have this trigger the error and send screenshot of it.


idk whats going on ive tried everything guess ill just find a different game to play until all of this blows over


Are you playing on the school network?


he literally told you what to do in order to have the issue addressed, and you just ignored his messages as if they didn’t exist lmao


yes lol i tried at home too


did u literally not see that i tried everything


no need to be rude man they literally told you everything. calm down.


sucks to suck


and i literally did everything


also arent u a fake gm???


this made my day