Riomos Mod Manager


Hey! I messed a little with the controls of CF and came up with 2 Modifications that change the Controls of CF.

Mod 1: NoChill

What does it do?
It changes the input on your left and right button. You can’t hold them anymore and every time you press you make a tiny turn. In this Version, you will need to press 10 times per second just to make a full turn.

I made 2 Versions, one for CFP Players and the other for CC players. Since the keys up and down can be used for CC.

  • You turn like you would normally with your arrow keys.
  • Close the window to stop the script.
  • The Slider controlles how often you have to press per second to make a full turn. This is hard to explain. Just play around with it in a custom.

The turn occurs when the key is released, keep that in mind.
Let me know how high you got with this :wink:

Mod 2: Inverted

What does it do?
Well, it does what its name suggests. It inverts the controls. Holding Keys will make you go straight, and not doing anything will make you turn.


  • You turn with Left and right arrow.
  • Close the window to stop the script.

This is way harder to play that reverse xD

How to Make it Run:
(This Only works on windows sadly)
Go to and download “Riomos Mod Manager Folder”
Open it and doubleclick the .exe
At this point windows defender might try to block the program. You can bypass that by trying a few times and click on “still allow with my own risk”.
This happens becous its a small scriot coded by a random on the internet. Dont worry its just a sign you defender isent dumb.
You should now have a window like this:
Now just select the Mod you want to play and your arrow keys should work differently.
If you want to stop it, just close the windown and it will be gone.

If you use one of theese you might want to reply to this post, so that you get notified when i update something.

If you have a suggestion or find any bugs, let me know. Keep in mind, I can’t make a custom version for everybody with their preferred keys.

I also have a 3rd Version in mind. It would let you change your radius dynamically, but you have no idea how to make that ATM, maybe in the future.

  • Added a GUI its now 10 times easier to use :wink:
  • Also added a slider that lets you play around with the difficulty of No Chill

I know its still really unfinsihed but if you are not emberresed with your producted you waited to long to release it.


Yo Riomo !
I just tested it! I still don’t know what’s the point of that :smiley:
How did you do that btw ? I mean getting the input and sending other signals to the server. :slight_smile:
Even if I have no idea why does this exist I find it cool :smiley: I hope you’ll develop the 3rd version! It would be a personal achievement :smiley:


xD Thanks that u tryed. xD
Atleast someone.
I made no Chill becouse i was couriouse if it would make you better. Well it does over time. Ill make a post on why tomorrow. Has to do with overcompensation.
I did it with a programing language called autohotkey. It Overwhrites your input with whatever you want.
The 3rd one is quite difficult. Still no idea how to do it. If im really bored i could even make a bot that can camp any situation, but that would take a while.


If you wanna some help. I never tried Autohotkey. I’m more into data science but if you need a second brain. I’m in to help :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for the offer. ^^ But thats kind of overkill for this game xD
I think i fugured out how to to the 3rd option tonight.
Lets see maybe it will be there in the next few days.

The only problem is that i have to send “human like” input.
If i send 50 different inputs per second the game will kick me xD
Or in other words: I have to be carefull not to DDoS the servers xD


@Riomo pls add macro (auto hotkey)


I could and would do that. Makros are (sadly) still considered cheating by a majority of players and the mods. But i wanted to talk about that anyway. Ill se what I can do without this post getting deleted.


ok thanks im really intrested


they should allow macros if it’s by yourself in a unranked custom room, just for fun